4-H Recordbooks & Recordbook Awards

4-H Members are encouraged to participate in record-keeping of their yearly projects through a 4-H Recordbook. The primary purpose of completing a Recordbook is for a young person to develop the skills necessary to set goals, work toward achieving those goas, reflect on their experiences, and set new and higher goals for themselves. A secondary benefit of completing a Recordbook is to prepare our youth for completing academic scholarships and/or collegiate admission applications. It should also be noted some scholarships affiliated with 4-H REQUIRE you to have completed a Recordbook. 

Recordbook’s for County Judging and Recordbook Award Applications are due to the Jasper County AgriLife Extension Office by JUNE 7th, 2024 NO LATER THAN 4:30PM. NO LATE SUBMISSIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED. 

Recordbook Documents:

Recordbook Family Guide 23-24

Recordbook Categories 23-24

Recordbook Check Sheet

Record Book Forms


County Recordbook Awards:

Jasper County Bronze and Silver Star Award Requirements

Jasper County Bronze and Silver Star Award Application

Gold Star Award Requirements

Gold Star Application

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