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What — when — and how much to plant: east-texas-vegetable-planting-guide

Plus: free 11-page Texas Home Vegetable Gardening Guide

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For Spanish Gardening Publications – hojas-informativas


Calf Recordkeeping Form     record keeping form for calves in a herd

Calving Time Management for Beef Cows & heifers

Immunizing Beef Calves

Individual Record Keeping form for Cows – Product  production and marketing record keeping form for cows in a herd

Individual Record Keeping form for Cows – Reproduction

Forage Testing – Dairy One  use this forage testing system for In Vitro test for forage testing capabilities

Does preconditioning cattle pay? Article appeared in Sept. 2001 issue of Progressive Farmer Magazine; features Boone Cattle Co., east of Marshall

Management of Fire Ants in a Cattle Operation

Mineral Supplementation of Beef Cows in Texas

Recognizing & Managing Calf Health Problems

Supplemental_Feeding of Beef Cattle

Information on Stray Cattle

Stocker Cattle performance and calculated pasture cost for stocker cattle operation; from Alabama Cooperative Extension

Texas Bovine Trichomoniasis Control Program  facts for beef cattle producers on trichomoniasis in beef cattle

Value Added Calf (VAC) Vaccination Programs



Kerrville Hog Rooter Gate Plans  for trapping feral hogs

Hog trapping information  information on building a large hog trap, complete with photos.

Backyard-Basics-Chickens How & why to raise chickens in your yard

Selling Yard Eggs in Texas 4-2016  Rules and recommendations for selling and storing yard eggs




Clover planting guide   guide to planting clover, includes preferred soil characteristics and seeding rates

Establishing cool season annual grasses  use this two-page guide in aiding you in establishing cool season annual grasses

Sample Grazing  Lease_Agreement  sample grazing lease agreement for your use, editable in Word format so that you can change the items as you see fit.

Reduced Hay Feeding Strategies  guide to help reduce hay feeding during winter months; optimum utilization by cows calving from late December to late February.

Hay Production in Texas

Making, Storing & Feeding of Hay

Sampling Hay Bales and Pastures for Forage Analysis

Herbicides for Pasture Use  current list of herbicides labeled for pasture use

Cool season legume information  information on cool-season legumes, including preferred soil characteristics, plant characteristics and seeding rates for planting

Weed response rating for forage herbicides  find out what herbicides will work the best for a particular weed in your pasture, courtesy of Estes Chemical company

Suggestions for Weed Control in Pastures use this handy guide for a list of herbicides for pasture weed control

Winter Pasture Recommendations  winter pasture recommendations by Dr. Gerald Evers, Researcher from the TAES in Overton, TX

Forage & Legume Management Guide

Pasture Hericide Guide

Bermuda Grass Variety List    list of Bermuda grass varieties, both improved and seeded varieties for pasture & hay meadows

2015 Jasper Smutgrass Result demonstration

2015 Jasper Teddering Result demonstration



Better ways to manage fire ants around your home: ENTO_016 Managing Fire Ants in Butterfly Gardens

Better ways to manage fire ants in your vegetable garden: ENTO_015

Galls on pecan trees description and control recommendations for Phylloxera Gall

Armyworm Insecticide Control Options for East Texas Pastures

Fall Armyworm Control for ET


Honey Bees in and around buildings


selling-honey-in-texas NEWLY REVISED guidelines for small beekeepers

Sprayer Calibration Publication   use these tables and publications to calibrate your spray rig

Managing external parasites on Texas Livestock & Poultry

Management of Fire Ants in a Cattle Operation

Grasshopper Control Information   Insecticide suggestions & recommendations

Grasshoppers 2013

Pesticide Application Record Keeping Form use this form for your pesticide application records

E408 Spiders

Wasps Control for wasps, yellow jackets and hornets

Webworm, tent caterpillar


Town Ant, leafcutter ant


Pests of peaches plums pecans

How to take out tallow trees

ZIKA virus and Mosquitoes: ENTO052_zikavirus

PONDS; WATER Quality/Conservation

Well water information, 14-page publication: Whats in My Water?

2-page guide if you have bacteria in your well water: What-to-do-about-coliform-in-well-water

My Fish are Dying! solutions by Billy Higginbotham and Todd Sink, fisheries specialists


How to measure a pond

Aquatic herbicide table treatment response of common aquatic plants to registered herbicides

Liming Farm Ponds

Farm Pond pH

Texas Aquaculture Assoc. list   stocking fish in recreational ponds

Aquatic Weed Treatment Consultants list with contact information

Lake Management Consultants  list with contact information

Whats in My Water?

EL-5518 Making a rain barrel

GARDEN, general

For recommended planting dates, click here: Jasper County Vegetable Growing Guide

Compost – Earth-Kind basics

Raised Bed Construction

Vegetable_gardening_in containers


How to take out TALLOW trees

E-465 Phosphorus  – Too much and plants may suffer

GARDEN, herbs

EHT094 herbs

EHT-032 Cilantro







E TX Vegetable varieties

Fruit & nut varieties for East Texas

Galls on pecan trees description and control recommendations for Phylloxera Gall

Citrus Disease Guide


Irish Potato









Summer squash




Pests of peaches, plums & pecans

Turnip and mustard greens

Fruit & Nut disease control products for use in Texas


Pecan Newsletter

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Texas Forages Informational Web Site:

Aggie Turf Lawn Care Service & Pest Control:

Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service
Soil, Water and Forage Testing Laboratory:

Aqua Plant – For Farm Ponds:

AgriLIFE Extension Wildlife and Fisheries:

Texas A&M Forestry Service:

AgriLIFE Bookstore:

Beef Cattle Publications:









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