Child care

National Child Passenger Safety Week is celebrated in September. FCS Agent Cindy VanDevender urges parents to have child safety seat inspections at least annually to be sure their children are riding safely in vehicles. The rewards are worth it.

Volunteers check that the seat is in good condition, that children are properly fitted, and that there have been no recalls or safety issues with the seat.

In past years: Out of 27 who came, no child arrived correctly restrained. We taught the parents the proper use of the seats, issued 21 new seats, and collected 13 old unsafe seats.

Proper use of car safety seats reduces risk of injury and death, leading to reduced medical costs and other expenses. Bev Kellner of the Passenger Safety Program uses a formula based on age and other factors to estimate that these 27 inspections have an economic impact of $36,335 benefit to the county.

National Child Passenger Safety Week in September is a partnership between Texas A & M AgriLife Extension Serivce and TxDOT.

Kellner said, “Every child left safer than they arrived with all the parents pleased with the education they received and the peace of mind in knowing that their children were riding safely.”


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