4-H & Youth

Everyone needs to CONNECT by registering online, and please be sure we have your correct email for announcements! Click here:  4-H Connect

4-H Connect is also where you will find flyers for all the latest and greatest events coming up, such as 3 Virtual Fishing tournaments for 2017:

2017 Bass Fishing

2017 Catifishing

2017 Crappie Fishing

About the 4-H programs: Youth development programs are open to all ages of children — some programs like 4-H will take them from third grade through high school graduation, while other programs are as short as a 1 hour library program.

Programs are as varied as photography, food and fashion, forestry, livestock, shooting sports and more; plus personal development programs like the Real World, preparing kids to understand how choices they make now affect their futures, or Take A Stand, how to deal with bullying.

Visit our events calendar for upcoming programs, or call the AgriLife office at 409-384-3721 to see what programs we can offer to your school or club.



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